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Chris Picco

June 3, 2009



Imagine a lizard bigger than your teacher! The Komodo dragon is an enormous meat eating endangered lizard that has lived on our earth for millions of years.  Many fear or even dislike this huge lizard however, there are less than 5000 left on earth. 


The Komodo dragon is the heaviest lizard on earth. It can weigh up to 370 lbs and it can be over ten feet long. Its skin color is a mix of tan and black giving it a camouflage look in its habitat. Also, it has a long forked tongue that it uses to smell and taste. The Komodo dragon can be found on the islands of Komodo, Rinca, and Padar. The Komodo dragon is endangered because of a loss of habitat, fire and loss of prey. To help the Komodo dragon we have to stop hunting its prey, controlling fires and help restore its habitat.


Even though the Komodo dragon has a very bad and confusing reputation as the largest aggressive meat eating lizard alive, we should not let this animal become extinct.  If we teach people how to have safe and controlled fires and only hunt the animals necessary for food we could be on our way to helping do our part in saving this mysterious, disliked lizard.  You never know, we might be able to tell our families that we did our part in helping to bring back this amazing lizard.












by Kathy Marks, Asia-Pacific Correspondent for “The Independent”


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